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Sunday, May 24, 2020

Review of High Tide by Ed Meek

Holding court in his realm by the sea, Ed Meek mines the details from every corner of his kingdom for poetic nuggets that teach and transform. The raw materials include mushrooms and ethnic sensibilities, a mythological crossing guard, family memories, meatballs pertaining to human nature, and barbarian children. Meek is a veritable Everyman (in the medieval, morality play sense). His upwardly mobile progress, as he negotiates around or through annoying obstacles, is toward goodness and evolution’s steady continuity.

 Nor does Meek avoid intellectual confrontation. He seems to welcome it. In Meek’s world understanding must precede judgment. But judge he certainly does. Even time bends to his moral percipience as he retrospectively determines when and where childhood happiness reaches its pinnacle. For more of my review of High Tide go here: http://dougholder.blogspot.com/2020/05/high-tide-by-ed-meek.html

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